Wessex Water’s Josh Bentley has received the Young Professional award for 2021 from the United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology (UKSTT).

Josh, who is a trainee engineer in Wessex Water’s sewer rehab team, began his career at the water and sewerage company as an engineering apprentice four years ago.

Josh said: “During my apprenticeship, I enjoyed gaining experience in the sewer rehab team the most. I found the CIPP and trenchless technology very vibrant and innovative.

“Towards the end of my training, there was only one option for me, so I joined the sewer rehab team on a full-time basis.”

“Since then, I have worked on a number of schemes, including carrying out emergency drilling and hydro demolition on a deep sewer in Portland.”

The company also won the Best Application of Digital Technology award and Innovation award for Telesto – an AI sewer boat that is used to measure sewers using cloud modelling.

Julian Britton, Wessex Water’s sewer rehabilitation programme manager, said: “Telesto uses colour-coded scans to show how the internal surfaces of the tunnels or pipes are damaged or developing structural issues.

“The technology is really important for health and safety, as it means we no longer have to send our people into tunnels which have a high turbulent flow. It also allows us to survey our tunnels remotely, down to millimetres of accuracy.”