2022 is going to be a big year for DRBi Ltd. A newly formed venture created especially for Plumbing and Drainage businesses providing consulting, training, coaching and support services to operations that want to grow and have great systems in place to enable it.

David Rambridge has worked in leadership roles in the industry for over 20 years spending 15 of that with Dyno-Rod, he has also worked for other franchisors and drainage companies and is passionate about change, business improvement, safety and training. He spent a lot of time supporting and helping franchised businesses to grow, have confidence in what they were doing and comply with the right regulations and training requirements.

At the end of 2019 in the midst of COVID restrictions, David lost both his parents. ‘It was a life changing time for me, incredibly hard to deal with and I leaned on some of my network for support. What I love about the industry is that we have so many fantastic people working in it and I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best. The support really helped me to get through a tough time personally and helped me to refocus on what is important to me moving forwards into the ‘second half’ of my life.’

‘I realised I had a lot to give, years of knowledge and experience across a diverse field, from business coaching, Health and Safety management, technical expertise, marketing, sales, customer service and training and I wanted to help others to be successful. That’s what gives me the buzz!

‘There is no reason why businesses outside of the franchised structures can’t have access to similar support on a more regular or on demand basis. I wanted to create something that would give access to this knowledge and expertise that was affordable and easily accessible for business that want to improve.

‘Raising standards and training in the industry is something I am passionate about and I have been working with Martin Beattie to deliver new support and training courses on the business side and to support DrainSafe that NADC members can benefit from with generous discounts.’ The first course is on the 26th February in London.

‘Starting a new business is exciting, for years I have taught other people how to do it and now I am doing it for myself and family, sometimes things in life happen for a reason, to show you a new path. We all face challenges in our personal lives, and if you can reframe it as a positive and use it to move your business forward then all the better, I owe it to my parents to do just that’.