Bluewater underlines the importance of staying properly hydrated when suffering a fever

Bluewater, a world leader in residential and commercial water purification technologies, today joined the fight against Coronavirus.

Bluewater has launched a series of initiatives designed to support European dealerships helping customers confined to their homes access pristine, contaminant-free drinking water.

Additionally, the company is prioritizing employee health and wellbeing during the fast-developing Corona (Covid-19) outbreak by putting national and cross-border travel on hold as well as encouraging remote working.

“We are tilting our efforts to ensure our dealer organization does not suffer stock-outs during Covid-19,” said Bluewater communications chief, Dave Noble.

He said Bluewater was offering trade customers across Europe unique deals and terms to help them navigate their way through the pandemic and ensure they had the stock to meet customer demands for water delivery solutions.

Mr. Noble noted that general medical advice for anyone suffering a fever is to drink plenty of fluid. But not all fluids are the same, he said, and some drinks like ginger ale could possibly contribute to dehydration.

“Water is a life essential, so it’s important to not only drink water but also to ensure the water you are drinking is free of any contaminants that may negatively impact those with a weakened immune system,” Noble suggested. He added that drinking hot tea and soups using the pristine water produced by Bluewater’s state-of-the-art reverse osmosis purifiers may be just as hydrating as plain water.

“Our message to the market is that Bluewater is responding to the Coronavirus disruptions by working proactively to ensure our dealer network is well prepared for an eventual recovery, and that our employees stay as safe as possible,” Dave Noble said.