The CityFlex C40e is a game-changer for the industry

Bucher Municipal is pleased to announce the launch of the CityFlex C40e, a fully electric sewer cleaning vehicle that expands our sewer cleaning range in an exciting and innovative way.
To be released this year, the CityFlex C40e was revealed at IFAT 2022 in Munich to a positive reception, with interest on a global scale. The C40e is a major milestone for the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles and helps to make operations in urban areas quiet and completely free from tailpipe emissions.

The electrification of heavy-duty vehicles

Bucher Municipal will continue developing and creating electric vehicles as the need to electrify fleets rises. We are already leading the way with our electric range of road sweepers and winter maintenance equipment, and the expansion of our range of electric sewer cleaners means that we offer electric products across every division.
The successful Bucher CityFlex C40 technology has been optimised for this electric version and is perfect for working in urban zones where regulations of CO2, air quality and diesel emissions have been tightened. The C40e’s powerful 265kw battery has a range of up to 200km which results in up to 3 hours of operational time and has the ability to recharge in as little as 2 hours. It is also compatible with type II charge stations which means there is no need to worry about where the next charging point might be.

Designed For Tomorrow’s World, Today

The C40e features a 600V system that comes with high-voltage cables. Which enables a fully electric drive on hydraulic motors, that powers the entire sewer cleaning equipment whilst maintaining its compact size. Ideal for urban environments, complying with low-emission urban regulations thanks to zero tailpipe emissions. It also features an intuitive control panel for simple operation, a robust battery for heavy use and additional storage space that comes with lockable cabinets and lights for when you need them.
Bucher Municipal units, including the C40e, are optimised for any job, providing you with low maintenance costs and incredible capabilities designed to produce minimal noise pollution in a vehicle that is made to last.
Over the 200-year heritage of Bucher, we've constantly been driven by change, and the Bucher C40e is part of that. Developed in Silkeborg, Denmark, by our incredible engineers, the CityFlex C40e has the capability to make a huge impact, Per Lovring, Managing Director of Bucher Municipal Denmark says that he “... sees this as a game changer for the industry.”