The drainage industry has continued to be driven by a desire to improve climate change through technological advancement and research proving it is well placed to support customers in meeting the challenges faced daily, particularly throughout the Coronavirus crisis. Viewline embodies this philosophy as collaboration through the sharing [of] knowledge for a changing world (WRc 2021) strengthening relationships and supporting a sustainable future through exciting, innovating development in the industry. To date Viewline have:

• Embraced suggestions from the water industry (and related industries) for an improved reporting format providing clarity for end users through the introduction of ‘explainer pages’ (Nov 2020). • Been responsive to industry, customer and camera manufacturer feedback by implementing changes that simplify the reporting process. • Incorporated backward compatibility to MSCC4 standard within Viewline Industry xml reports. • Investigated and developed AI technology for roll out later this year. • Engaged at all levels of the drainage industry to ensure knowledge remains current and products are as adaptive as possible. • Supported the NADC in raising awareness of industry standards. • Produced reporting software that is industry standard compliant.

The UK Water Industry designed Asset Management Plan, version 7 placing responsibility heavily on an increasingly competitive contractor landscape to provide solutions to the challenges of customer engagement and maximised efficiency through greater procurement planning (Millbank 2021) for those involved in the water industry at all levels. Viewline entered the domestic market in 2009 with a desire to provide drainage contractors with consistent, professional CCTV survey reports at affordable prices (Viewline 2021). It quickly became apparent that the flagship product Viewline 550 (VL550) was welcomed in the industry because it offered smaller contractors financially sustainable reporting software and complete compliance with the industry standard MSCC5. As a result of VL550, contractor reports at entry level met the industry benchmark and were revolutionary as they provided a consistent approach to reporting, aligning with AMP7’s aspiration of creating transparency and customer satisfaction (Millbridge, 2021) for end users. VL550 is unique in that it delivers exceptional value for the small contractor and also enables misconnection(s) to be flagged during the investigation, clearly identifying them within the report data. This was thought to prove useful in reducing contributary sporadic pollution events at source and Viewline predict a greater uptake in its utilisation in the future. At the very least it is expected to raise awareness and reduce surface water pollution and excessive flow in waste water treatment.

Viewline strive to produce innovative solutions through adaptive products that meet the challenges of the future (WRc 2021). An example of this is the development of an XML import facility which demonstrates the flexibility available within reporting software packages and a forward-thinking approach to collaboration through enabled data sharing to and from related systems.

Other developments include Asset Information and DrainDraw which are growing in popularity. Asset Information has found its place with domestic contractors and general building surveyors because of the need to gather intricate details from private drainage systems. The Asset Information App is expected to become an integral part of a new Mapping and Tracing training course produced by the NADC promoting contractor engagement in gathering electronic data aided by mobile technology within the industry. Its xml report option lends itself to incorporating contributory data with ease in support of industry goals.

Viewline advocate on behalf of domestic contractors (alongside the NADC) and their offer within the industry as a whole is to provide high quality products that are fit for purpose in both the domestic and industry markets, ensuring sustainability and competitiveness through effective pricing strategies whilst providing exceptional customer service. Viewline are in the process of integrating their administrative systems to ensure services remain exceptional as their business grows. Customers will choose how they access support and Viewline feel their customers will appreciate this development whilst retaining the personalised approach for which they are renown. Alongside the integration of administrative systems, they have made two significant investments towards the technological advancement of their products which are exciting and to be announced shortly. Customer support has enabled Viewline to reinvest in their business and implement innovative plans in response to an ever-changing world. As ever, they endeavour to ensure that the quality of their work is recognised within the industry - being the first to gain WRc approval for their software reporting system (2018). Their products can be trialled free for 30 days direct from the website: where testimonials are also available. Viewline wish you every success in your endeavours throughout 2021.