Lorraine Scale RIP

First of all NADC and its members would like to pass on our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Lorraine Scale on her tragic passing at such a young age. NADC Founders Peter Stacey and Martin Beattie have registered their own personal thoughts and reflections elsewhere in this edition of Drain Trader. Lorraine is a great loss to the industry.

Coronavirus update

NADC has circulated all its members with the fifth edition of a Guide setting out the latest financial support that is available to businesses as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic. It is important to note that it has not just been a case of certain Government schemes being extended, as there have been new mechanisms introduced and the terms of others have been changed. As before, NADC is sharing this beyond its membership with all contractors for the benefit of the entire industry, and it is included in this edition of Drain Trader.

NADC Membership

NADC membership continues to grow and we have been delighted to welcome on board as new members in the last month:

RWB Group UK Ltd 
U C Em Facilities

Plumb, Drain and Maintain Ltd

All Drainage Services Ltd

Yorkshire Site Services (civils + Plant) Ltd

Rodders Drainage Services Ltd

Premier Drainage Services
Probe Drainage Specialists Ltd 
London Flood Prevention

Drain & Sewer Services Limited

Caulfield Contractors Ltd

South Lakes Drain jetting Ltd

MBE Property Services LTD

Argyle Drains Ltd

Any contractor or supplier to the industry who would like to know more about the Association and how to join is invited to e-mail jayne@nadc.org.uk or call 0800 0933 507 and ask for Jayne or Mike.

NADC Hydrant app powered by eviFile

The new Hydrant app rollout is building momentum as several NADC members (including FM Conway, Flowline, Sweeptech and Wales Environmental) are now using the app as part of their day to day operations. The app brings a range of benefits for contractors and has been well received by water companies and other important industry stakeholders such as Aquam. Julian Wynn from FM Conway offered a warm testimonial ‘our operatives are already routinely using the app to assist in their day to day work and appreciate the efficiencies it delivers as well as the ease of use. From a company perspective the app protects our interests and is projected to save us a lot of money over the long term’

The app now covers most of the South of England and is being extended to other areas one water company at a time. NADC members are being invited to webinar demonstrations of the app on a geographical basis as it is rolled out across the country, so that they can make an informed decision whether to sign up. Once the app has been rolled out nationally, and all NADC members have had the opportunity to sign up to use it, NADC will invite non-members to a series of webinars for a demonstration of the app. Contractors who wish to sign up to the app will need to join NADC as it delivers considerable benefits and has been developed specifically by eviFile for NADC and its members.


The EU Skills SHEA Drains and Sewers qualification is projected to be fully signed off by the time this edition of Drain Trader hits readers door mats and the first courses will be available for NADC members in March. It is planned that courses will be available on-line as well as in the class room, and members have already pre-booked hundreds of spaces on these courses. As booking preference will always be accorded to NADC members, it Is likely that booking spaces by non-members is some way off. As has been previously communicated, the SHEA qualification comes with a CSCS card and is a first for the Drainage industry in terms of a relevant specialist course designed specifically for contractors. For more information on the new SHEA course or about other NADC courses, please e-mail jayne@nadc.org.uk or call 0800 0933 507

New NADC CCTV and Rehab Committee

The first meeting of a new NADC committee focused on CCTV and Rehab will take place in early March. The Committee will bring together a balance of contractors, and equipment and software suppliers, to work on a wide range of issues that members have raised ranging from standards and training, through innovation and the use of AI, and in particular expansion of this broad subject space which has enormous untapped potential for contractors and their customers. In the same way as the NADC Environment and Waste (E & W) Committee is unique in the industry so will this new Committee be. The Hydrant app was a direct output from the E & W Committee and it will be interesting to see what is the first major initiative that delivered by the CCTV and Rehab Committee. Watch this space!!

DrainSafe and the National Drainage Show

Planning for the launch of DrainSafe at the National Drainage Show in November is already well underway. With the original planned launch having been derailed by Covid-19, there is huge pent up frustration and impatience within NADC to deliver this game changing initiative for the industry which will set new standards, from which quality contractors will benefit and thrive. With the whole adult population of UK projected to have received their vaccination against Covid by the end of summer, there is growing confidence that physical events will not only be possible by the autumn, but will be hugely popular for all of those who are fed up with restrictions on their lives! We will provide more information about the DrainSafe launch in the coming months, but in the meanwhile we urge all contractors to mark the 9TH and 10TH November at Excel in their diaries!

As previously trailed, NADC will be offering SHEA Drains and Sewers courses at the Show which will be available for pre-booking in advance. Not only will delegates have the opportunity to visit the only show of its kind in UK, but they will also have a unique opportunity to walk away with a CSCS card!


NADC Coronavirus Business Financial Support Guide
This bulletin focusses only on those measures relevant to conveyancing firms.

NADC Emergency Spillage Guide
The purpose of this guide is to provide the requisite guidance and information to staff, in order to effectively deal with spillages of all descriptions.