Stanton Bonna Pressure Pipes are now approved for use in public water supplies in the UK.

The reinforced concrete cylinder pipes (RCCP) are often used in challenging environments as they consist of a steel core surrounded on the inside and outside with concrete to provide a durable solution. Able to withstand significant pressures and vacuum conditions, these large diameter drinking water pipes also called potable water pipes are now available for use in the UK.

Widely used throughout Europe for drinking water pipeline diversions, the pipes benefit from the unique ability (for drinking water pipes) to be used as a no-dig option for jacking under roads, rail, housing and industrial developments.

One example of this unique benefit was an installation at Villejuif, Paris for Syndicat des Eaux D’ile de France where the installation was for 285 metres of DN600 drinking water pipe microtunnelled (jacked) under the city. They chose the reinforced concrete cylinder pipe (pressure pipe) as they could quickly install a new pipeline with minimum surface disruption and without the need for a secondary pipe installation.

In addition to jacking installations, the pipe’s durability comes to the fore when the pipes are used as span pipes in up to 20m sections. This has enabled their use in above ground installations such as crossing rivers and valleys plus being used as penstock pipes in mountain areas.

As well as spanning rivers, the versatile pipes have been installed as submerged pipes in the River Rhone and Lake Geneva amongst other schemes. This application will also prove ideal for use in reservoirs.

Key benefits of Stanton Bonna Pressure Pipes include:

• Largest diameter range in the UK, from DN 250 – 4000. • The ONLY UK drinking water pipe that can be jacked. • Saves time during installation as no secondary pipe installation required. • Installation by open cut, jacking or even submerged. • Able to use as a span pipe. • Underwater installation by float and lower, bottom tow or jacking. • No thrust blocks required at bends. • Joints can be welded, flanged, gasketed or custom made. • Designed to resist environmentally challenging conditions. • A wide range of factory-produced fittings are available, to virtually any configuration.

The strength and durability of the Stanton Bonna Pressure Pipe provides an ideal solution for potable water on resilience schemes. Some schemes have been supplied up to 24Bar pressure.

Stanton Bonna Pressure Pipes (DWI56/4/1375) are approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000.