RSM Lining Supplies are proud to announce the introduction of our new products, the Rapid Seal Grout and the Rapid Seal Expander Foam.

The latest product centres itself around manhole work and adds itself to RSM’s core range of materials for the repair of drainage pipes with CIPP. These products can be used independently or combined to stop the issues arising from water infiltration in manholes or man entry pipes.

The Rapid Seal Grout is a cement based polymerised grout, which when mixed with water forms a putty consistency. This can be used to plug localised points of water ingress. The grout is fast setting and cures in minutes. The mixture is applied to the point of ingress by hand, using pressure to force the flow to cease. Once the heat can be felt from the exothermic reaction pressure can be removed and excess mixture chipped away. Once cured this mixture won’t wash away!

The Rapid Seal Expander Shot is a polyurethane based two part mix injection system. Part A and part B are contained in separate tubes, respectively, which when extruded through a manual or pneumatic dual caulking gun are combined in the mixture tube and injected into the point requiring rehabilitation. Expander shot is used to halt the flow of water ingress coming through at multiple points or when the flow is extreme. This is achieved when the mixture is injected into or near the point in need of remediation. The fluid cures instantaneously expanding to 30x its volume. This fills any cavity caused by wash away and finds any cracks or holes where water was previously coming from.