Spartan Tool, established in 1943, has become a leading name in the design, production and supply of sewer and drain cleaning equipment. Based in Niles, Michigan, USA, Spartan has been part of The Heico Companies, a privately held manufacturing company based in the Chicago area, since 1978.

For the past 25 years the company has had Rolfe Brooke alone as Spartan Tool’s exclusive distributor in the UK

For much of the past 78 years Spartan’s product range has centred on its line-up of cable-based, electro-mechanical pipe cleaning systems and their support ancillaries. 

More recently the organisation has diversified and now offers a range of products including video inspection systems, sewer jetters, buried service locating equipment and trenchless pipe bursting systems and Picote’s High Speed Flexible Shaft milling machines for pipe cleaning and other operations.

With distributors currently operating in some 26 countries, the Spartan name has become synonymous with the sewer and drain cleaning markets world-wide.


Rolfe Brooke having spent those 25 years driving his company forwards into new product areas and markets has now decided that it is time to take something of back seat. So, the Spartan UK company has announced that as of 1st June it is to start handing the helm to Rolfe’s son Dale.

Dale has been with the company since 2018 having left School and started working with a friend in the Hospitality Industry, He has, under Rolfe’s tutelage, since developed an extensive understanding of the products and clients serviced with Spartan Tool products across the UK.

Spartan Tool equipment has developed a reputation globally for long life and hard work with generations of engineers across the world having utilised Spartan equipment, which in turn has passed from generation to generation within companies.

Many of these machines centre on the traditional Spartan Tool range of drain cleaning machines. However, more recently, the company has taken to innovation in the drainage field with gusto and moving with the times now offers a complete range of high speed, flexible shaft machines, with what is claimed to be the broadest range of accessories in the business.

Commenting on his move to the head of the table Dale Brooke said: “I suppose it was always inevitable that someday I would join with my Dad in doing what he does best, supplying the Drain and Sewer Industry with High Quality Drain Cleaning Equipment. The actual time was never really discussed or set in stone but now just felt right and I am happy it is to happen as soon as it is! I am getting real enjoyment from meeting and dealing with businesses and customers that my Dad has dealt with for 25 Years and on the rare occasion even used to deal with my Grandad as well (Denny Brooke of Vactor)! I am looking forward, with Rolfe’s guidance, to seeing what the next 25 Years and more has to offer!” 


In an example of where the company has directed its forward looking, innovative stance, little more than a year ago, as part of its drive to bring the best sewer and drain cleaning equipment to the contractors both at home and internationally, Spartan Tool introduced its latest offering known as the Spartan Revolution.

In partnership with Picote Solutions, Spartan Tool’s Spartan Revolution is a high-speed, flexible shaft drain cleaning machine. The Spartan Revolution range is offered as five machine models known as the Spartan Revolution M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5.

Kevin Walsh, president of Spartan Tool, said of the new product line: “Since the launch of the Spartan Revolution, it has become a true game changer in the drain cleaning industry and we have seen a tremendous positive response from our customers. With a broad range of applications ranging from drain cleaning to pipe reinstatement, the Revolution line is safe, time-saving, powerful, and effective.”

Commenting on the changing times and face of Spartan Tool Rolfe Brooke closed saying: “Right from day one in 1996 our emphasis has always been on looking after our customers with the supply of Spartan Machines and ancillaries but more importantly with after sales service when customers encounter problems. I am confident that Dale will carry on this tradition and travel wherever he is needed to keep our customers happy.”