WinCan Europe are delighted to announce the release of the follow up to the long extinct WinCan v7 HD43 module for Highways data delivery to Highways England’s HADDMS system. To make a clean cut between the versions the new module has been branded DDMS. WinCan VX Expert DDMS is the only Highways England Funded, Approved and fully compliant software on the market!

Through 2019, HADDMS became the single largest development project for WinCan, the module was completed and published on time as agreed with Highways England and Mott MacDonald.

Highways England and Mott MacDonald 1st approached WinCan in early 2019 to request a push to release a product capable of delivery to CD535 & CS551 standards (the new standards, now that HD43 and SD15 are obsolete in this arena) which will become contractual in 2020.

The need for this came about after a huge consolidation project within the HADDMS system and the requirement for round-tripping data out from and ultimately back into HADDMS.  The Highways England regional areas are being trained and informed of the new requirements as a proactive task by their client and are currently at different levels of implementation at the time of writing this, ranging from ‘full requirements’ to ‘still trying to understand it’.

Once consolidation is complete in a Catchment, it is critical that the data is then round-tripped, failure to do so will reintroduce layers of data that cannot be used correctly. In simple terms this means a package of data is frozen by the client when it is downloaded from HADDMS, and then site-based works are undertaken including GPS & CCTV surveys. The data package is then amended, updated and verified by the contractor through this process and after validation is uploaded back into HADDMS completing the data ‘Round-Trip’

WinCan received approval for the DDMS module from Highways England in late 2019. WinCan’s VX Expert licence incudes the DDMS module at no additional cost bringing these new standards together and opening the software up to the contractor to create and edit HADDMS data projects. 

HADDMS inspection work is complex and requires a deep understanding of GPS data, CCTV pipe surveying and spatial geometry. WinCan brings all these capabilities together in one seamless package, with the result being that no other software is required to achieve the final deliverables for the HADDMS system.

There are also additional requirements for training. Although WinCan v7 handled HD43 & SD15 many of the changes to the MSCC coding standard were not implemented. In WinCan VX, this is not the case. Users trained to the OS19X standard are required by Highways England to attend an extension course to add the DDMS amendments. This course is run by Develop Training and lasts a single day. The many changes to the codes are fully explained along with the specified header fields for pipes, surface assets and manholes as required by the trainees, so accurate coding and ultimately accurate scoring can be achieved. The ultimate results differ from MSCC & SRM significantly.

Training in the use of VX and the round tripping processes are also required by Highways England, WinCan supply these.

WinCan WEB is also a perfect delivery tool for DDMS projects as the GIS elements can all be viewed interactively on any device at any time. Background mapping allowing users to navigate to pipe or asset level data, and simply click to open any attached media or CleverScan survey. Centralised data storage with accessibility business wide is at the heart of WinCan WEB. No more DVD’s lost in draws or left in cars, everything accessibly centrally for all users.

This is not the end of the story for WinCan and the software development of HADDMS data delivery tools. As described, it is already possible to import, modify, update and export all the data requirements for HADDMS, but there are further plans ahead to incorporate high level tools around data consolidation processes as described by Mott MacDonald in their online tutorials, and we are always listening to our customers with regards to new features that can help smooth out the data-handling processes.

We would like to thank our users who were involved in the testing phase of the new DDMS module.