Instant answers from an experienced team of pumping experts at the end of a telephone.

The Pump Technology support team, Mark, Will, Matt, Amanda and Clive have extensive experience of wastewater and sewage pumping applications. Their in-depth knowledge means that pumping needs can be accurately assessed and a right-first-time solution recommended.

Accurate identification of submersible pumps:

Often its easy, but for older pumps, where the name plate may be corroded or missing, it can be difficult to identify a replacement pump. However, simply by sending a picture the Pump Technology team will use their extensive experience to identify the pump and provide a like for like replacement. If the model is superseded, they will review the performance curve and pump claw/interfaces to find a replacement which can be fitted with full confidence.

large stocks of leading brands at competitive prices:

The company has been in business for over 30 years and is a major distributor for all leading submersible pump brands. Their extensively stocked warehouse in Aldermaston, Berkshire ensures “next day delivery” when orders are placed before 3.30pm.

Manufacture of modular and custom below-ground pumping stations:

Working with their group company, Pegasus Pumps, they offer a comprehensive matrix of modular pump stations to suit all applications. Every pump station can be easily customized to suit site pipe elevations and position. Additionally, to ensure the best commercial solution, Pump Technology is happy for drainage companies to free issue pumps, control panels to suit any project.

Leading “floor mounted” sewage lifting stations:

The Efflu Maxi, floor mounted sewage lifting station is used in more applications across the UK than any other type. It features powerful vortex pumps, proven reliability and is easy to install, operate and maintain.

High head submersible Pumps:

A new range of high head submersible pumps for deep basements from Jung Pumpen. Pumps up to 24 meters.

Unique “behind the toilet” vortex pump:

The FlushMaster is a unique “behind the toilet” pump with powerful vortex design. It is the solution when the toilet discharge pipe route exceeds the parameters of a standard behind the toilet macerator pump. For example, long horizontal runs before the vertical lift, a double lift (Up, along, then up again), pumping up a gradient, or just an excessive discharge distance or head.

Wastewater solutions for commercial premises:

The DrainMajor is a floor mounted, wastewater pumping system for arduous applications such as those found in restaurants, fast food outlets, sports centers, hairdressers, offices etc. All of these applications require a robust solution. With its reliable submersible pump, rigid float arm and low-level float it is proven to be the first choice for thousands of UK customers.

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